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Attorney Kevin M. Tighe is a dedicated DUI lawyer in NH and offers Free Consultations for Clients. (603) 537-0700. I realize that the last thing you expected to be doing now is surfing the web looking for a lawyer. Sorry about that. However, if you're reading this right now chances are you're in a jam and looking for help. I'm an experienced criminal defense attorney licensed in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. I have been defending the rights of the accused since 1996. I work with clients to resolve charges related to DWI's, drug possession and other criminal offenses. 

Criminal Charges and Motor Vehicle Hearings

If this is a criminal or motor vehicle matter I've had success in resolving charges at all levels. I have handled many DWI/DUI cases as well as misdemeanor and felony charges. Many criminal charges benefit from prompt attention to preserve your rights. If you wait you may be putting yourself at a disadvantage. Don't delay.

Please call (603) 537-0700 for a free consultation, or if you wish you can send me a brief e mail describing your situation at tighelaw@aol.com

Estate Planning

If this is an estate planning matter I can assist you in preparing the necessary documents to direct how your estate is distributed and how critical health care decisions are made. When it comes to end of life decisions this saves the family a lot of heartache and guessing. If you make preparations ahead of time it will take the pressure off of them. This is understandably a difficult topic to deal with. Advance planning puts your mind at ease knowing that your wishes will be followed. This is typically done through a will, power of attorney or what is commonly referred to as a living will. I have links on this page that will direct you to more information in these areas.

Personal Injury

I've had clients come to my office with all kinds of personal injuries. A lot of them don't realize that there can be multiple sources of recovery for their damages. Don't let those opportunities pass by. If you've been injured due to someone else's negligence it makes sense to try to recover as much as you can. After all, you're entitled to it.

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