Do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

You may be wondering if your case is worth the time and money it takes to hire an attorney. A state or federal criminal investigation will change your life. This is not the time to save money with discounted services. You need an experienced defense attorney to fight for you.

If you were injured you wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself, you would seek the services of a medical professional.  Yet a lot of people consider defending themselves in a criminal case without the services of a legal professional. The prosecutor and arresting officers are trained professionals and their job is to convict you. You may think that you are doing yourself a favor by representing yourself, but in reality you are probably not. A person who is not well versed in criminal law jargon and proceedings can end up making the situation much worse.

I you are facing criminal charges, whether misdemeanors or felonies , you should get the help of a lawyer who can help get the best possible outcome.

Don’t fight this alone.

A good criminal defense lawyer has experience handling criminal cases

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

You want someone who can hold their own in a courtroom and represent you to the best of their ability. A strong criminal defense attorney will be able to create a defense strategy that is specific to the unique details of your case. No matter how many episodes of Law & Order or CSI you may have seen, nothing is better than having a good criminal defense lawyer pleading your case.

The Law Office of Kevin M. Tighe can work to make sure that the state meets its burden of proof "beyond a reasonable doubt.” As illegal as it may seem, police officers are legally allowed to lie to you during an interrogation. The best advice is to exercise your right to remain silent. Don’t speak to anyone about any aspect of your case until you contact your lawyer. Law enforcement agents and the office of the district attorney will try a number of tactics to get you to incriminate yourself, but remember—they are not on your side. Hiring a criminal defense attorney ensures that you have someone who IS on your side.

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