Drug Possession

If you are currently facing drug possession charges don’t wait to call.

A drug charge is a very serious offense with harsh penalties. Anyone with a drug possession charge should contact our office ASAP. New Hampshire and Massachusettes have some of the most strict drug laws in the country, so you don’t want to fight them alone. A drug possession conviction can land you in jail, on supervised probation, or with hefty fines to pay. Those individuals convicted of a drug possession charge who are under the age of 21 may have their license suspended.

What’s even worse is that in addition to those possible sentences, you can also lose your scholarships, grants, or student loans. You can potentially get expelled from school or be terminated from your place of employment. In some cases, you may be turned down for certain positions—especially the highest paying jobs in state or federal government. You need an experienced drug defense attorney who knows how to help you avoid these harsh punishments.

The prosecution already has a team of people working to convict you—don’t let that happen without a fight!

Why You Should Work With Us

The Law Office of Kevin M. Tighe has worked with many clients who have had serious drug possession charges. Your future depends on the quality of your attorney. Let the Law Office of Kevin M. Tighe go over your case in a free and confidential consultation.

Was there just cause for the officer to search your person or your vehicle for drugs?

Did you give consent before the officer searched? If so, were you threatened to give consent?

What were the exact circumstances of the search?

Were there any witnesses to the search?

How much was found on you and where was it found?

These are questions that may be critical to your defense. If you try to fight your drug possession charge alone, you could really be setting yourself up for failure. A good criminal lawyer knows the law well and can help you win your case. No officer has the right to stop you without cause. Don’t be the victim of an illegal search & seizure. You have rights and your attorney can help make sure those rights are protected.

Don’t face the judge alone. Call now for your free consultation so that you can truly be prepared to fight your drug possession charge.

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