Habitual Offender Laws

We all make mistakes, some more than others. If you have multiple motor vehicle convictions you may be in danger of being certified as a habitual offender. In New Hampshire, this certification carries severe penalties and consequences. Attorney Kevin Tighe is an experienced in motor vehicle offenses in New Hampshire.

What Exactly Is a Habitual Offender?

In New Hampshire, a person is considered a habitual offender if they have been convicted of  major or minor motor vehicle offenses or a combination of the two within a 5 year period. This is explained below:

You have had 3 (or more) major violations, (i.e. illegal racing, OAS, DWI, reckless driving, displaying a false license) – OR –

  • You have 12 or more minor motor vehicle convictions (including driving without your license or speeding) – OR -
  • You have any combination of the above offenses (both minor and major) that meet the definition of a habitual offender according to the guidelines outlined in RSA 259:39, III.

Resources: Habitual Offender FAQ’s

NH Motor Vehicle Hearings

If you have the requisite number of convictions, NH DMV will serve you with a notice of hearing to determine if you will be certified as a habitual offender.  Do not wait for this hearing before you act. There may be ways that an attorney can help you unwind this mess.  However, this should be investigated prior to the hearing.  Even if the convictions stand, an experienced attorney can help keep the habitual offender certification to a minimum. Kevin Tighe aggressively represents clients at ALS hearings in NH. Having an attorney present at these hearings is highly recommended. If you have already been certified a habitual offender and have been arrested for driving after being certified please call as you may have certain defenses available to you. There also may be ways to minimize any potential penalties. Do not wait until it is too late.

The sooner you contact your attorney, the better. Attorney Kevin M. Tighe can closely review your driving history along with all the evidence to ensure the best possible defense. For a free consultation call us today.

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